You Can Now Store Cryptocurrency Password in DNA


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DNA and molecules

If you don’t feel your cryptocurrency password is secure on hard drive or email, why not store it in your DNA? Forget about the hackers for a second. If you forget your wallet password, you will lose all your crypto wealth for good. Because of that, it’s important to store your cryptocurrency password somewhere safe. How about DNA? Yes, that’s possible, thanks to one startup. Meet Carverr, the company that provides services for placing passwords inside a drop of liquid stored in micro tube.

Securing passwords is just a small part of the new area of genetics research on storing data using synthetic DNA. Researchers are working on technology that can store anything in DNA: from your password, an animated GIF to an operating system.

While main purpose of this research is to find long-term solution to storing data, this seems like a great opportunity for cryptocurrency investors. Thanks to this new technology, you can hide passwords from danger offline – in your fridge.

How does DNA password work?

There is nothing futuristic in this safekeeping solution. Believe it or not, you can already order a DNA encrypted password for just $1000. In the interview for CNET, Carverr CEO and co-founder Vishaal Bhuyan admits that everything about DNA passwords sounds wild, but he sees this as just a different type of encryption tool.

Although it sounds like technology from some SF movie, DNA storage/encryption technology has a surprisingly simple concept. As you probably know, data is just a bunch of zeroes and ones. That is compatible with DNA, so all you need is the conversion system that translates password into DNA string.

New level of security

Upon creation, Carverr lab will send you your password in five plastic micro tubes by mail.

Not email, but regular, old-fashioned mail. All you need to do is to store the micro tube in the freezer. This way, your cryptocurrency password will be safely stored for decades, and only one who can decode it is – Carverr lab.

That means that even if someone steals your vials, it is unlikely that criminals will know how to decode it. To make sure business with Carverr is conducted in a safe manner, all communication is done using an encrypted mail service called ProtonMail. For now, this is definitely the most original way to store your wallet password. Just make sure your freezer works properly.

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