What Can Investors Expect From Ripple XRP in Q4 2018


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There was a large XRP pump recently due to new Ripple partnership and announcement of xRapid going live. Will the price of XRP survive the FUD from the Bank for International Settlements, McCaleb’s sell-off and securities issue?

Unless there’s an overall market movement or other disruptive events, here’s what I think we might expect from Ripple in 2018.

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  1. Emmo87 11 months ago

    Ripple foundation already sold a lot of coins to banks last year, I dont think they will be buying from exchanges

  2. SwingTrader 11 months ago

    Ripple is centralised coin, run by the establishment. They don’t care about political polarization of the community, they only care about banks, because banks will be their end users. Doubt that retail will use it

    • CMan 11 months ago

      Yes, Ripple is decentralized, because Ripple is a private company,
      XRP, however, is decentralized and this can be easily fact checked by spending a few minutes on google.
      We know for a fact now that Bitcoin is controlled by miners and is controlled by a few hundred people around the world.

      • LOL 11 months ago

        XRP is a centralized permissioned blockchain. You have to ask to become a node for god’s sake!

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