“We want to Uberize the police”: Liberland as a DAO


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Liberland flag between borders of Sertbia and croatia


You might not think seven square kilometers of land is good for much. But with a bit of imagination and a lot of hard work, it could be the site of a futuristic city built on libertarian dreams. That’s the principle behind Liberland, a new micro-nation nestled between Serbia and Croatia.

A futuristic eco-friendly city with living capsules, presented by Vit Jedlicka as one of the possible solutions for Liberland

On the 3rd of December, Coined Times attended a presentation by Liberland President Vit Jedlicka at a Rotary event in Belgrade, Serbia. He had some interesting thoughts on how blockchain and crypto can help realize his libertarian utopia.

“We want to Uberize the police”

There’s nothing like a shocking statement to get an audience’s attention. Of all the ideas Jedlicka pitched, revolutionizing the concept of police work was probably the most unexpected.

On the whole, though, Jedlicka’s calm manner made even his more outlandish propositions seem achievable. While he has his skeptics, this 35-year-old Czech politician seems convinced that his efforts will bear fruit one day.

Of course, self-confidence alone doesn’t equate to success. That’s why Jedlicka and his community are investing a lot of effort into lobbying for Liberland. They’ve got the support of prominent libertarian politicians like Ron Paul, as well as rich investors.

So far, almost 600,000 people have applied for citizenship of Liberland. The community seems to be gaining support in American Congress and other parts of the world.

If all applicants get citizenship, Liberland will have more citizens than the most densely populated place on Earth – Macao.

According to Jedlicka: “the country will function as a meritocracy”. The principle is simple:

The more taxes you pay, more votes you will have.

This is basically an invitation for Liberlanders to “buy shares” in a country. Citizens won’t go to jail if they don’t pay any taxes, but they won’t have the right to vote either.

Jedlicka invites entrepreneurs to open blockchainized companies under its jurisdiction. After all, Liberland advertises itself as a tax haven.

Futuristic concept of a tall building overlooking the Danube and Serbia: Liberland

Liberland as a DAO

According to Jedlicka, everything will be “blockchainized,” from the judiciary to the governance itself. He seems to be impressed with “justice protocol” Kleros (PNK) and DAOstack (GEN), both built on Ethereum. As said in his presentation, “The country will be run as a DAO – a Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

A DAO consists of a programmed set of rules, which are transparent, controlled by users, and not influenced by a central authority. It is the most complex form of a smart contract and potentially one of the most disruptive applications of blockchain technology.

Some of the concepts look like the scenes from Sci-Fi movies: Liberland

Liberland’s financial core is supposed to revolve around a two-coin system. One of these will be a stable privacy coin, while the other coin will be used to stabilize it. It sounds like MakerDAO but with the privacy option added. The community is still not sure which coin they’ll pick, or if they’ll make their own. Whatever the official currency will be, Jedlicka said other cryptocurrencies will always be welcome to “freely reside in Liberland.

No man’s land

Even though the land was unclaimed for three decades, Croatian authorities are making it difficult for Liberland to exist and flourish. Croatia claims this piece of land belongs to Serbia, but Serbian authorities denied that by saying that this new state was not formed on their territory. Given that neither the Serbian nor the Croatian governments want this no man’s land, it’s unclear why Croatia appears to oppose Liberland. 

This piece of land was one of the rare Terra nullius on Earth: Liberland

Croatian police have detained Jedlicka and others for questioning on a few occasions. They even bulldozed the only house on Liberland’s territory. But all this has not disheartened Jedlicka, who seems like a calm and stubborn man. He is trying hard to gain the Croatian government’s understanding. He’s even considering negotiating an official annual fee for their support.

Croatian patrol boats often bother Liberland’s tourist boat by following it across the Danube river. Despite this, its tourist fleet is about to grow. New additions, such as this “Bitcoin Freedom” vessel, are coming soon.

“Bitcoin Freedom” boat – soon to join Liberland’s tourist fleet

Jedlicka and his team are also considering building helipads – and possibly even an airport. As part of promotion efforts, they made Liberbeer ale in collaboration with Dogma brewery and chose Miss Liberland to participate in beauty pageants.

Miss Liberland Kristýna Dolníčková
Miss Liberland Kristýna Dolníčková. Source: LiberlandPress

But the real step towards nationhood involves recognition by other countries. So far, only Somaliland has recognized Liberland. However, Somaliland itself has not been recognized by any UN country, although its passport is accepted in eight countries, France and UAE included.

Surprisingly spacious embassy of Liberland in Somaliland

As one attendee of Monday’s presentation noted:

I am surprised to find out that this is not just a virtual internet country. It is supposed to exist in a physical form as well.

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  1. Michael 11 months ago

    Nice article…thanks

  2. Jiří 11 months ago

    What a nice idea to implement DAO! Can’t wait to see the companies on top of it 🙂

  3. MrLiberty 11 months ago

    It should be clear to all that allowing the government to maintain an “army of occupation” as the police have become, is completely contrary to any idea of freedom and liberty. Any and all private alternatives MUST be available to a free people. Good luck to this great new nation.

  4. beforethefall 9 months ago

    Some good ideas, I am all for decentralization, but libertarian capitalism is bound to fail miserably. This is an oligarchs wet dream, only those that pay taxes can vote is writing into law what is happening around the world right now and why governments barely respond to the will of the people. I am all for letting it be attempted, just so it can be proven how miserable an idea capitalism is and it is actually antithetical to democracy. True democracy would be moving from a capital economy to a use economy, were democracy is baked into all institutions. How do we expect democracy to work when everybody’s workplace, both government and private is authoritarian and based on a top down hierarchy that we have next to zero say in. We should have ownership and democracy at all levels, within the company to ensure that the benefits of our hard work don’t just grow capitalist wealth.

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