Want to be Well-Paid? Work in Blockchain Firms


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Want to be Well-Paid Work in Blockchain Firms

Being a software engineer can land a higher paying work in blockchain firms. Averagely, according to the Glassdoor, IT professionals engaged in cryptocurrencies earn 61.8% more than the U.S. medium salary.

Since the beginning of 2017, the number of job openings within the Glassdoor platform rose considerably. The analysis made by the job platform is in line with Blockgram and Upwork research efforts as well. Additionally, professionals aiming for educational institutions now have a variety of courses available.

Work in Blockchain Firms 62% Better than Medium

According to the research done by Glassdoor, those that work in blockchain firms perform 62% better than the U.S. average. The largest jump in terms of a number of open vacancies happened to developers in 2018, growing by almost 300%. Glassdoor points at the growth of cryptos’ value at the beginning of 2018 as the major reason for the change. With the increasing number of successful ICOs, many new blockchain organizations now operate full time.

Blockgram and Upwork got similar results as Glassdoor concerning work in blockchain firms. In all three cases, study pinpointed software engineers as the most wanted vacancy in the job market. Blockgram stated that developer’s average wage stood at $130.000, much more than the U.S. average of $105.000 for a software engineer. Upwork, on the other hand, offered its findings in August, declaring blockchain developer to be the fastest growing position in the freelance world.

Universities Hop on the Trends

According to Coinbase report, it seems that the educational industry also sees the growth of blockchain interest, not just job markets. Those that wish to work in blockchain firms could take courses in 21 universities out of total 50. All of these institutions have at least one crypto-related educational program, aimed at students that wish to enter the digital market.

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At this moment, different educational institutions expanded their programs from only one course within the next few months. With the growing interest, software engineers stand as one of the top choices for students, which bring the full circle when compared to business findings.

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