User-Friendly Mining App: Turning Everyday Computers into Miners


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User-Friendly Mining App Turning Everyday Computers into Miners

Crypto mining has never been easy. Typically, you have to build a computer with multiple graphics cards and task it with doing something it’s not meant to do. In the process, you need to learn some GPU and motherboard BIOS editing, overclocking, and app tweaking in order to get the best results.

If you consider all that, it’s no wonder people think twice before they enter the crypto mining world. Specialized hardware is no bargain either, and in the sustained bear market, no one can tell you when to expect a return on investment.

There is an easier way

Every now and then, when you decide to upgrade your desktop or laptop, you leave behind a fully functional computer. Either you give it away to a relative or it ends up in the attic, gathering dust. However, with new age mining apps, there is a way to harvest the power of computers – including that dusty old PC in your attic – with no additional tweaks required.

We tried out the new Safex 1 Click Mining App, and, frankly, it’s a game changer. After releasing its own blockchain network and a new wallet that supports the migration process, Safex now allows you to mine on any kind of computer. The app mines Safex Cash, a privacy coin that has created a lot of buzz recently.

Mine as much as you want

To become a miner, you need to do a few things: install the above-mentioned app, enter your wallet address, choose a pool, and select how much of your CPU power you want to use. It’s easy as that. The interface is simple, without any confusing options. It’s as straightforward as mining can be.

The CPU load option allows you to choose how much of your CPU power to dedicate to mining. We tried the 1 Click Mining App on a couple of computers and found two things you need to factor in: CPU power and your own usage.

Coined Times asked Safex Chief Architect Daniel Dabek to explain how the miner works.

The miner uses libraries with CPU information. An algorithm then selects a number of threads based on the CPU’s capability. This means new gen. Core i7 and i5 or Ryzen CPUs won’t have any problem at 75 or even 100 percent load.

The load only becomes an issue if you’re using an older computer. With any laptop or mainstream desktop that’s more than five years old, you’ll need to lower the CPU load if you want to mine in the background while also using your computer to perform basic tasks. This means if you have a newer computer you could be mining even while you use your computer.

Safex’s mining app also displays real-time hashrate, which allows you to monitor your activity and adjust the efficiency according to your preferences.

Burn your way to the new blockchain

After the successful Mainnet release on September 19, the Safex team also announced the arrival of a new wallet app. This new wallet has been released alongside the 1 Click Mining App. Its improved functionality allows you to create a new wallet on the Safex Blockchain, or migrate the tokens you’ve been hodling and receive an airdrop in the form of Safex Cash cryptocurrency. For each Safe Exchange Coin redeemed during the migration process, you receive one Safex Token. For every 440 Safex Tokens, you get one Safex Cash.


The new wallet embodies the same principles as the 1 Click Mining App: clarity and simplicity. The migration can be done on an existing or a newly created wallet, and the process allows you to double-check everything once you decide to migrate your Safe Exchange Coins.

Safety first

Before the migration, you need to complete four steps. The first step asks you to confirm that you know what you are about to do, what you will get after the migration, and that the process is irreversible. After that, you need to select whether you to create a new address, use one that you used previously, or enter your existing address.

Setting the Safex address for the migration involves two steps. There’s also a small bitcoin fee, as the old wallet was based on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

At any moment you can stop the process by pressing the big red “Reset” button.

The final step is the burning process. You need to enter the amount of Safe Exchange Coins you want to burn, then confirm original and destination addresses. You will also get a confirmation dialog with an overview of the amount of Safe Exchange Coins you are migrating, and the number of Safex Tokens (SFT) and Safex Cash (SFX) you will receive.


It’s clear from their development philosophy and the usability of their apps that the Safex team is putting users first. We’ve also received confirmation that Safex is working on new functionalities for the wallet app. We’ll bring you further news of these developments as they happen.

Let’s hope more crypto companies adopt a similar attitude towards user experience. After all, creating a user-friendly environment is a crucial step in the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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  1. Hans 11 months ago

    CPU mining on laptop? hashrate 40-100 H/s ? generate 1 safex a day which is now $0.01?

    • Jackie Chan 11 months ago

      Actually, you mine safex cash, and it’s price might be much higher.
      On the other hand, how easy it is to mine any other crypto with your CPU, and how much do you generate a day?

  2. Safz 11 months ago

    The app looks good but mining on a laptop is pointless. Your laptop will be competing against thousands of high end graphics cards and the amount of safex cash you can expect to make is minuscule. I calculated it’s going to take 2 weeks to mine 1 single safex cash. You can play with this app and waste some of electricity but if you are serious about mining there’s a lot you need to learn.

  3. Hans 10 months ago

    After 24 hours just 0.1 safex mined…..with 3 threads at 70 H/s.

  4. Jackie Chan 10 months ago

    I don’t think this mining app is meant for serious mining. It’s just for people that want to get involved with their regular hardware. Specialized mining rig is way to expensive, and you would use something like XMR-stak for GPU mining, if you are seriously going into this business. So, yeah, 1 click miner just invented CASUAL MINERS category

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