Satoshi Nakanomore? Craig Wright disappears from Twitter


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Craig Wright

In an unusual series of events, controversial cryptocurrency figure Craig Wright has unexplainably disappeared from Twitter. As a result, Wright has lost the eyes of 60,000 followers and almost 40,000 Tweets.

The leadup

Those familiar with cryptocurrency will likely be familiar with Craig. The Australian born Computer Scientist to famously claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

To date, however, Craig has been unable to supply any credible evidence of this claim. As such, he has earned the ridicule and criticism of a large part of the crypto community.

Craig was active in blocking any critics on Twitter. As a result, spoof Twitter accounts, such as Fake-toshi Bot appeared. The accounts copied Craig’s tweets and published them so those who were blocked by Craig could take part in his public statements.

As a result, Craig began threatening legal action against these bots, claiming they were in breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. He would then, from this point, only be tweeting from @DrCSWright account.

Shortly after, this new Twitter account was promptly suspended. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Craig’s original account, which has over 60,000 followers, was also either deleted or suspended in conjunction with this.


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