Safex 1 Click CPU Miner – What to Expect From Your CPU


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With the new Safex 1 Click CPU Miner app, the concept of crypto mining just took a hard fork. Instead of investing in expensive equipment, you can now mine as much as you want, when you want, with any computer. But we’ve already talked about that.

In the meantime, we tried out the Safex 1 Click CPU Miner on a couple of different CPUs. We’ve crunched the numbers so you know what to expect when mining.

1 Click CPU Miner - What to Expect
Left: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 – Right: Intel Core i7 8700K

Once you know your hashrate and join the pool, you can calculate roughly how much Safex Cash you’re mining at any given moment. Below are some examples of hashrates for the Safex 1 Click CPU Miner.


Safex 1 Click CPU Miner - What to Expect From Your CPU

Keep in mind that your hashrate can vary depending on the current hashrate of the pool and the number of apps running on your computer.

As you can see, Average’s Joe Core i3 mobile CPU does around 30 H/s. That performance increases dramatically when you upgrade to the latest high-end desktop processor. Using a Core i7 8700K, Core i9 7920X or Ryzen 5 1400, you can increase your mining capabilities nine-fold.

The Safex 1 Click CPU Miner is available for Linux, macOS, and, of course, Windows OS. If you’re using an old PC to mine, consider installing Linux. With its streamlined operating system, Linux is the quickest and most productive set-up for mining.

Let us know in the comments what CPU you used for the Safex 1 Click CPU Miner, and what results you’ve got.

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  1. jcasale 10 months ago

    Currently, I’m running Windows 10 with a x64-based processor.
    The specifications for my ASUS Laptop are listed below:

    The Graphics Card is: Intel HD Graphics 4000
    The GPU is: Ivy Bridge GT2
    The Processor is: Intel Core i7-3632QM CPU @ 2.20GHz

    Using the Safex 1-Click CPU Miner and as a member of the Safex News mining pool my HASHRATE varies from 65 to 95 H/s operating the CPU at 100%

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