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Pope Francis with glasses and bitcoins in front of Vatican flag

God is apparently into crypto business, suggests the story about Pope Francis crypto giveaway scam which spread across Twitter. For most users, it was obvious that Pontifex has become the latest victim of scammers.

Twitter is a useful place for crypto investors most of the time, as breaking news appear there first. However, with good comes bad. A network of bot accounts promoting scam ICOs and fake crypto giveaways has become a regular occurrence.

Pope Francis New Victim of Crypto Giveaway Scam

Off all the public figures that became victims of giveaway bots, Elon Musk is the most popular choice. In this case, however, scammers have turned to the sovereign of the Vatican City State – Pope Francis himself. Apparently, the Pope was trying to help the poor by sending them bitcoins (BTC). It was one of the funnier scams since do far probably no one took the bait.

How Does Fake Giveaway Work on Twitter?

Recent research by Duo Security discovered an organized network of fake accounts known as the botnet. This research suggests that there are over 15.000 bots working on this kind of scheme. The scamming network is working to promote a crypto giveaway scam by using fake accounts of celebrities. The first step after creating a fake giveaway is to boost fake accounts using likes and retweets.

Fake Pope Francis was one of those accounts because they boosted it as well. Giveaway tweet came from the fake @_Poontifex account similar to the real Pope’s account @Pontifex. Other bots then retweeted and liked the fake pope’s tweet, manipulating Twitter’s quality control mechanism. The tweet shifted to the top of replies of the real pope’s tweets.

After that, less careful users would have thought that Pope Francis was supporting a bitcoin giveaway. It was one of those situations when something looked too good to be true. In this case, it was hard to believe that Pope was into crypto trading, no matter how modern he was.

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