Ongoing Twitter War: Buterin vs. Roubini


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Ongoing Twitter War Buterin vs. Roubini

For the past week, the Twitter discussion between Nouriel Roubini and Vitalik Buterin regarding the crypto industry has been heating up. Due to more and more hostility from the famed economist, the crypto expert suggested a live Buterin vs. Roubini debate show.

Calling Buterin a “dictator for life”, Roubini posted several Tweets in which he mentioned the Bitcoin and Ethereum projects. He also called blockchains “a scam”, and challenged the legitimacy of blockchain networks. As a response, the Ethereum founder called for a live Buterin vs. Roubini TV debate. However, Roubini refused the locations and host options.

Buterin vs. Roubini – Heated Twitter “Discussion”

On October 8, famed economist Nouriel Roubini posted several tweets regarding Ethereum’s ability to deliver on their promises. Roubini accused Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s founder, of being a “dictator for life”. He also compared the platform to North Korea’s political system.

Known for his anti-crypto views, the famed economic analyst did not stop after one tweet. Rather, the Buterin vs. Roubini showdown continued. Soon after Buterin’s prediction of a financial crisis, Roubini slandered the crypto leader regarding ETH’s Trinity project.

As a response, Buterin offered an explanation of the development plans. Later, he proposed a live TV debate. The BitMEX platform offered to finance the event, with Laura Shin and Kevin Pham as host options. In both cases, Roubini dismissed the idea. He called BitMEX a “criminal scam” and the hosts a “pseudo-journalist” and “thuggish” respectively. Still, it is not known whether the said Buterin vs. Roubini debate will take place anytime soon.

Not the First Time for Roubini

On October 11, Roubini made an appearance in the U.S. Senate, where he expressed negative views regarding the blockchain industry. During the hearing, he said:

…Crypto Land is Crap Land, a cesspool of lunatics with severe Freudian scatological obsessions

He raised questions regarding the scalability of the crypto industry, much as he did in the Buterin vs. Roubini Twitter war. In his later tweets, Roubini pinpointed the continuous volatility of the industry. He also called it one of the most “overhyped industries” ever.


On social media, opinions are divided. On one side, there are crypto supporters, who are slamming Roubini for his word choice. However, the other side agrees with his views on the growing centralization of the blockchain industry and the rising number of scams.

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