McAfee for President: Could John Trump Don in 2020?


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John McAffee in front of an American flag

One is a brash, controversial millionaire who provokes outrage on both sides of politics with his outlandish statements. The other is the U.S. President.

Incomprehensible rants on Twitter. Unprovoked tirades against perceived enemies. A very *complicated* relationship with the tax office. Yes, John McAfee and Donald Trump really are two sides of the same coin. Whether that coin is fiat currency or crypto is a question we’ll all be asking in 2020 when the king of the crypto trolls runs for the presidency.

Trump’s formula for conquering a nation

In 2016, Donald Trump achieved the unthinkable. He threw the political playbook out the window and claimed the presidency by campaigning as an anti-politician.

Trump’s greatest strength was his invincibility to criticism. In fact, his scandals came so thick and fast that they seemed to cancel each other out. Every time Trump was accused of something that would destroy an ordinary politician’s career, his supporters doubled down.

There are very few people in America who could actually out-Trump Trump in this regard. John McAfee is one of them.

Not only has McAfee proudly refused to pay his taxes for the past eight years – he’s also had his Belize compound raided on suspicion of illegally holding drugs and weapons, faked heart attacks to avoid deportation from Guatemala, and found himself at the center of a murder investigation in Belize. It seems there’s nothing McAfee’s reputation can’t withstand.

While Trump has fended off the vultures by maintaining his businessman persona, McAfee took a more old-school approach to his outlaw status by fleeing to Central America. Now, he’s literally dodging the feds by hiding out on a boat in international waters. How badass is that??

McAfee is clearly capable of playing the Trump card. The question is whether the American people will go for it twice in a row.

McAfee for President: It’s all about the crypto

In recent years, John McAfee has taken the mantle as the world’s best-known crypto celebrity. With nearly 900,000 followers on Twitter, he’s perhaps the mainstream public’s biggest windows into the cryptoverse.

While McAfee might treat his personal life as an outlaw movie, he’s deadly serious about crypto. At the height of the 2017 bull run, he made the brave prediction that Bitcoin’s price would reach $1 million by 2020. He’s also come out as a leading advocate for privacy coins, which he says “are the wave of the future.” He even has his own mining app: the John McAfee Safex CPU mining app.

McAfee has made no secret of the fact that his campaign will be all about crypto. If and when he gets a platform on the world’s most public stage, we can expect him to introduce crypto to a whole new audience.

So, does McAfee have a chance?

To quote Luke Skywalker after discovering his father’s identity, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

Nobody – not even McAfee – seriously believes he can become the next U.S. President. Soon after announcing his campaign, he admitted as much on Twitter:

But whether or not the polls a single vote, the McAfee for President campaign is a stroke of genius. There’s nothing more mainstream than a U.S. presidential race, and a familiar face like McAfee could bring crypto to the world stage.

Of course, McAfee also ran for the presidency in 2016, when he failed to win the Libertarian Party’s nomination. Don’t read too much into that. After all, most people had never heard about Bitcoin until the bull market run of 2017. Now, with a combination of public awareness about crypto and McAfee’s ever-growing mystique, conditions are perfect for some serious McAfee publicity. The Libertarian Party would be insane to ignore him this time around.

So, is McAfee doing this for himself or for the crypto community? It doesn’t really matter. Any increase in mainstream crypto awareness is as much a win for the everyday crypto investor as it is for McAfee.

Oh, and there might be one other reason McAfee is entering this race. After all, if Bitcoin doesn’t reach $1 million by the end of 2020, he’ll have to eat a very private part of his anatomy live on national television …

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, for everyone’s sake.

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