#LNTrustChain: The Crypto Torch Burns Bright


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Over the past few weeks, #LNTrustChain has lit up Twitter.

The movement began on January 19 when @hodlonaut tweeted that they would send 100,000 satoshis to a trusted recipient via the Lightning Network. That recipient would then add 10,000 satoshis and send the total to someone else, who would continue the chain.

The chain relies on trust, with nothing to stop any given participant from taking the money and running. So far, it seems only one person has done so.

More than three weeks later, the #lntrustchain “torch” is still burning bright. The total has grown from 100,000 satoshis to more than 3,200,000 at press time.

Everyone’s talking about the Lightning Network

It seems #lntrustchain is one simple but extremely effective ad for the Lightning Network. The experiment’s official website reveals as much, with an entire section dedicated to LN promotional materials.

The chain’s original goal was to demonstrate how the Lightning Network could enable rapid BTC microtransactions. However, as it’s grown in popularity, the experiment has also shown both how tight-knit the Bitcoin community is and how quickly the popularity of crypto is spreading across the globe.

This animated video shows just how far the torch has traveled, with participants from 37 countries taking part so far.

Big names get involved in #lntrustchain

Some well-known tech people have taken part in the #lntrustchain. There’s perhaps no bigger participant that the CEO of Twitter himself, Jack Dorsey. The man with the simple Twitter handle @jack took the torch on February 5 for 2.85 million satoshis.

Dorsey is an outspoken fan of Bitcoin, having tried to implement BTC transactions on Twitter as early as 2014. While he’s yet to throw his support behind any altcoins, his involvement in #lntrustchain is yet another sign that crypto is edging closer to mainstream adoption.

Among the other high-profile names to hold the torch are Bitcoin expert Andreas Antonopolous and Safex CEO Daniel Dabek.

Dabek, who held the torch as an ambassador of Liberland, told Coined Times experiments like #lntrustchain typify the spirit of the crypto community.

“Being handed the LN Torch was an amazing honor and experience,” Dabek said. “I received it from @prwhyjepc who is in China, and in the spirit of a global chain, I took it on behalf of Liberland.”

I became involved in Bitcoin for this very reason; it’s such a menagerie of cultures, yet we all speak the same language.

Dabek later handed the torch to @Chris_Iceland. The move was particularly significant given bankers destroyed Iceland’s economy in 2008.

“I am proud of Iceland and its appreciation for people’s liberties. When I received the torch of course I had to consider the diplomatic process, and I believed (Iceland) was the best choice to expand the message of innovation, scalability, speed, and ease.”

At the time of publication, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao holds the torch, worth 3,210,000 satoshis.

Twitter users have encouraged mainstream celebrities such as Joe Rogan, William Shattner, and even Elon Musk to take part in #lntrustchain.

Whether any of these big names take the torch remains to be seen. But if they do, you can guarantee #lntrustchain will get exponentially bigger than it already is.

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