Google And Blockchain – A Perfect Match?


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Google wasn’t really a blockchain enthusiast, rather opting to watch as situation unravels from the sidelines. But after realizing it is staying behind in tech development, IT giant changed its tune, welcoming blockchain with open arms. With the inclusion of the still-developing technology, Google has all the tools to become the game changer in the IT industry – again.

With Google accepting blockchain technology, the company is going head-to-head with other IT leaders such as IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. Those companies are also investing big in emerging technology hoping for a leading position in the fast-developing market. The changes that Google is trying to carry out in its own system comes from the fact that users are now more demanding.

Over the time, new ways to look at business development come. In order for Google’s Blockchain service to succeed, a few things need to happen. And the most important thing is defining rules and regulations for the operators. Of course, the wider adoption of new technologies is also paramount.

Google Supports Cryptocurrencies Market with BigQuery

As part of the new business approach, Google opened the BigQuery cloud service for cryptocurrencies. After making Bitcoin’s dataset available earlier this year, BigQuery analytics is now also available for Ethereum.

This free tool lets users access data about Ethereum such as average transaction costs, transaction times, network usage and smart contract analytics, among others. Here comes an interesting part of Google strategy – this is all available in the cloud.

By doing this, Google is showing blockchain developers and traders that Google Cloud is the best place to work with. This way, Google is assuring you that users will stay with their cloud option. Not choosing ones from IBM, Amazon, Microsoft or some third-party.

According to Google’s team blog post: “BigQuery is useful for making business decisions, such as prioritizing improvements to the Ethereum architecture itself”. Also, Google’s team wants you to know that Google Cloud can synchronize the Ethereum blockchain to computers running Parity on the same cloud.

That is just a small part of options that BigQuery can take care, for free. As nothing on this world is free, there is still a question of how Google will monetize this service. Maybe some monthly subscription is in order in near future, but that is not important for the company right now.

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