EXCLUSIVE: John McAfee Talks About His CPU Mining App


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EXCLUSIVE John McAfee Talks About His Mining App

Security expert and crypto celebrity John McAfee has spoken exclusively to Coined Times about his new CPU mining app.

Mr. McAfee recently announced his collaboration with the Safex team by releasing a special CPU miner. The miner is called McAfee 1 Click Mining App and uses Mr. McAfee’s own mining pool to mine Safex Cash.

John MCAfee miner app

Mr. McAfee told Coined Times that he is backing Safex because it is a solid privacy coin.

“Many people do not understand that with Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens … once a send or receive has been transacted, the agency or person on the other end is forever able to see how much is in your wallet,” Mr. McAfee said. “If your bank allowed the same freedoms to senders and receivers of your bank account, you would be angry.”

Mr. McAfee said he sees specially designed altcoins like Safex as the solution to this problem.

Privacy coins are the wave of the future.

We also asked Mr. McAfee what he thinks about 1 click mining as a concept. This new type of mining allows users to harness the power of everyday computers to mine cryptocurrency.

I believe that 1 click mining is the best solution for small to medium-sized mining operations at the present time. However, it is difficult to project that situation into the future. The technology behind cryptocurrency and blockchain is evolving rapidly. There will be fundamental and unforeseeable changes in the landscape over the next few years.

CPU mining with John McAfee

McAfee 1 Click Mining App allows you to mine Safex Cash with CPU power on basically any computer. You can also use your GPU rigs to mine using the dedicated GPU mining pool – mcafee.safex.io.

McAfee 1 Click Mining App start
McAfee 1 Click Mining App: Just enter your wallet address, select CPU load, and click the big START button.

You can choose and download the mining app you want to use for GPU mining here. You’ll find all the essential information about the pool on the same page.

McAfee 1 Click Mining App, creating or opening wallet file
McAfee 1 Click Mining App: You can open an existing wallet file, or create one in a few simple steps.

In essence, McAfee’s 1 Click Mining App is based on the Safex 1 Click Mining App. The main difference is a slightly altered graphic user interface and added wallet functionality.

This means you can use this app to send and receive Safex Cash and/or tokens. That said, sending and receiving is a passive operation and doesn’t require any interaction on your side. At any time, you can also check your current balance from within the app.

McAfee 1 Click Mining App. Balance checking and transactions, with instructions on how to use the mining app
McAfee 1 Click Mining App: Balance checking and transactions, with instructions on how to use the mining app.

Crypto roller coaster

If you are into crypto, the past couple of weeks have been a real roller coaster ride. For the first time ever, Bitcoin mining difficulty has started to decline. With prices going down, miners are abandoning their rigs, which went from marginal to unprofitable overnight.

However, those savvy miners who listen to the market usually switch their hashing power to some promising altcoins. After all, if they find the right altcoin, they could make big bucks. If Mr. McAfee’s predictions are on the money, Safex Cash could soon become one of those profitable coins.

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  1. Shane 11 months ago

    Why would I want something like this made by a guy who tweeted: “Bitcoin will hit 500k in the next 3 years or else I will eat my own dick on national television”?

    No thanks. I’ll stick with AIOMiner. It makes it super easy to mine pretty much ANY coin and does what I need it to do for free. Also, the dev team actually communicates with their community to make things better, which isn’t that common anymore… unfortunately.

    • Mexican 11 months ago

      Can you mine Sfx with AIOMiner

      • Marko Nesovic 11 months ago

        Safex Cash is based on Monero’s blockchain, so any miner that can use cryptonight v8 can be used to mine SFX. Just set up your pool, and wallet, and you are good to go

  2. Mitchell 11 months ago

    Previous comment mentions the value of being communicative. Part of what makes Safex. attractive is that its creator Dan Dabek is in almost daily communication with token holder on chat apps.

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