EXCLUSIVE: John McAfee Responds to JPM Coin Announcement


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Crypto celebrity John McAfee has shared his two cents on JPMorgan Chase’s entry into the cryptocurrency world.

In an exclusive interview with Coined Times, McAfee said the recently announced JPM Coin will only succeed if the public chooses to support it.

John McAfee: “We give power to cryptocurrencies”

McAfee told Coined Times that cryptocurrency’s power will remain with the people, even if big corporations like JPMorgan get involved.

We give power to cryptocurrencies by using them. And we have thousands to choose from.

Since entering the crypto sphere, McAfee has expressed his distrust of governments and centralized banking systems. As such, it’s not surprising that he would be skeptical of a big bank like JPMorgan creating its own coin. He suggested that JPMorgan’s directors might be in for a surprise when the realities of crypto hit them.

“What interests me is the reaction on the faces within their boardroom when someone discovers the glaringly obvious,” McAfee said.

Their coin only has power if we, the people, choose to endow it with such.

McAfee has long been a supporter of privacy coins such as Safex and Monero. He has even released his own branded mining app, the McAfee 1 Click Mining App.

McAfee not interested in Dimon’s reasons

In 2018, McAfee responded to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s infamous criticism of Bitcoin with a scathing video. In it, he said Dimon would be “on the street” if his company didn’t adapt to changing global markets. He also warns Dimon that, while he might still be rich in a blockchainized future, he will no longer hold the power that comes with wealth.

However, when Coined Times asked McAfee whether Dimon was a hypocrite for changing his views on crypto, McAfee was much more moderate in his response. He said JPMorgan’s reason for and strategy behind creating its own crypto “interests me little.”

Regardless of the result, it seems Dimon has finally accepted McAfee’s offer to “come and sit at this table with us.”

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