ETH Bullish Prior To Upgrade; MKR Flash Crash Recovery; EOS and TRX Up


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The crypto market is riding a green wave with Ethereum, EOS, Tron, and Maker at the forefront.

ETH bullish prior to Constantinople upgrade

The value of Ethereum (ETH) is rising in the build-up to Constantinople. The upgrade is expected to happen tomorrow, on January 16. However, the date could change by one or two days, since it actually depends on block times. Constantinople is scheduled to take place at block number 7,080,000. You can check the countdown timer here.

Countdown timer for Ethereum’s Constantinople upgrade. Source: AmberData

The upgrade will reduce mining rewards from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block. This means it will be more expensive to mine Ethereum from now on, which is bad news for miners. On the other hand, it also means reduced future supply, which is good news for investors.

Even though ETH’s price rose by 9.82 percent today, XRP managed to overtake ETH in market cap. In doing so, it reclaimed second place and is holding onto its advantage by a slim margin. XRP did so by losing a bit less value than ETH in the past week. ETH is currently trading at $130.

Ethereum ETH daily price, January 15, 2018. CoinMarketCap

EOS price up

The price of EOS has grown by 7.53 percent in the past 24 hours. EOS is currently trading at $2.48.

EOS daily price, January 15, 2018. CoinMarketCap

MKR recovering after flash crash

Maker (MKR) flash crashed briefly to $349 today. It was trading around this price for one hour. MKR rose by 16.36 percent since then and is currently trading at $466.69. The Maker team has announced plans to completely rebuild part of its ecosystem, Oasis, and introduce Eth2dai as a new marketplace.

Maker MKR daily price, January 15, 2018. CoinMarketCap

TRX referrals pushing the price up?

After a large sell-off on January 10, it seems Tron (TRX) buyers are returning to the market. The TRON Foundation today began a large marketing campaign offering bounties for referrals in anticipation of the BTT airdrop. TRX’s price grew by 7.67 percent, with the coin currently trading at $0.0255.

TRON price chart, weekly. CoinMarketCap
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