EOSBet Dice Hacked Couple of Days After DEOSGames


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Craps table representing online Gambling poertal EOSbet being hacked

Due to the lack of adequate security measures, the crypto industry saw the Dapp platform EOSBet Dice hacked. During the incident, the volume of coins stolen rose to 44,427.4302 EOS, equivalent to over $240.000. The incident happened only a few days after DEOSGames experienced the same issue.

EOSBet Dice Hacked

On 14 September, EOSBet Dice experienced a hacking attack through its vulnerable smart contract system. The culprit used the betting network to create bets without using EOS coins on gambling orders. With nothing to lose, the successful bets brought EOS cryptos to the account named aabbccddeefg. Losing bets did not have penalties since no actual tokens were part of the bet.

The Dapp’s spokesperson announced the issue early in the morning, stating that teams were already investigating the matter. Putting the application offline, teams tried to ascertain the level of damage as well as the pathway of the attack. Redditor Hard Fork pinpointed the sign of inadequate security on the erroneous statement in the code. The Abi Forwarder was the external code used to call a fake hash and access EOSBet’s transfer function. With the transfer function under control, won EOS tokens could move freely outside of the platform.

Series of Peculiar Events for EOSBet Dice

Due to the chaotic situation in the EOS platform, hackers seem to have found ways to enter the network with ease. Moreover, the EOSBet’s developers suspect all other EOS apps experienced the same type of the attack.

However, this was not the first curious situation happening to EOSBet’s Dapp. The company had a mocking stance towards another EOS Dapp called DEOSGames when a similar situation happened. After only a few days, cyber-criminals got EOSBet Dice hacked as well.

Additionally, a lucky gambler won over $600.000 worth of EOS tokens in a bet order during last week. Funds used in this particular instance doubled with each order consecutively for 36 hours. The EOSBet’s spokesperson claimed that there were no hacking attempts in that particular instance.

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