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Rafael Benavides from Peru plans to develop a crypto network to help Peru’s declining forest territories. The main goal is to create a blockchain saving rainforest network with the necessary funds raised using digital coins.

20.000 Acres as a Start

A Peruvian entrepreneur, Rafael Benavides, created a blockchain-based startup, dedicated to fighting forestry decline in the country. His current project, Bosque Guardian, lands near Tarapoto with the territory of 20.000 acres. Apart from transforming the land, Benavides plans to construct cabins around the forest. Additionally, the startup plans to open a boutique hotel specializing in nature, conservation, and research.

The necessary funding comes from the said blockchain system, together with people use a cryptocurrency for payment. Due to the nature of digital coins, the startup wishes to reach a wider range of audience, all over the globe. The supply is set to around 20 million coins, that are called Guardian Coins. The crypto holds the value of $1, with the supply planned into stages.

Money gathered from the fundraiser would, therefore, pay various expenses of the green project, including rainforest research, new seeds, and the equipment. Investors would use Guardian Coins to purchase footage taken from the drone and for the other products coming from the startup.

Future plans for Green Blockchain

With the funding set into motion for the last quarter of 2018, the startup also plans to enter Escalera Mountain Range. Creating a partnership with Ibuku architects’ studio in Bali, Benavides plans to gradually increase his startup’s presence in Peru.

Due to the lack of government’s involvement, the entrepreneur sees his company as a non-profit organization. The need to preserve nature is a call that other companies hail as well. Charles Gonzales, CEO of Chainzilla, applauded the sustainability of the blockchain company, even if it is profit-oriented.

Using decentralization and liquidity of the cryptocurrencies, Bosque Guardian plans to go global in the future. For now, it concentrates on Peru and its endangered natural resources.

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