Bithumb exchange confirms theft of EOS and XRP


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In less than 12 months, crypto exchange Bithumb has been hacked. This time with a reported loss of 3 million EOS coins and 20 million XRP. Subsequently, the haul is being monitored in real-time by analysts as the hacker launders the tainted stolen coins for other cryptocurrencies on non-KYC exchanges.


News broke out late Saturday morning as analyst Dovey Wan relayed reports coming from a security audit firm monitoring Bithumb.

The attack first raised suspicions that the exchange’s cold-storage wallet was compromised. However, it was later confirmed that it was an online hot-wallet that had been hacked.

Lightning never strikes twice?

Several hours later after the EOS news was broken, it was revealed that almost $6m worth of XRP has also been stolen.

Meanwhile, the stolen XRP has already started moving and were being laundered through an intricate web of transactions between multiple exchanges and addresses.

Insider involvement?

The official Twitter account for Bithumb reacted to the situation reminding that user’s funds are safe.

In a follow-up blog post, the exchange operator confirmed suspicions that the theft involved someone or some people working at Bithumb.

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