Around 18% of US Students Hold a Cryptocurrency


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In a recent study, a crypto exchange Coinbase conducted a questionnaire for students in the USA. Study results are pointing out that approximately 18% of US students hold a cryptocurrency.

Students Are More Aware of Cryptos than General US Population

Coinbase has conducted a research in a nationwide questionnaire, asking students about their awareness of blockchain technology and whether they possessed a cryptocurrency. Results suggest growing attention of the younger population in the US regarding digital coins. In past analyses, general population in the USA held double less than what Coinbase uncovered with university pupils. The project reached 675 students, diversified across States.

Apart from the general opinion, the study also uncovered a growing number of courses established within the top universities’ curricula. The study also revealed that 42% of the top 50 institutions are offering one or more programs for enrolled students. Additionally, the number of attendances rose considerably in 2018, compared to last year.

Furthermore, about 25% of the target audience expressed a wish to purchase coins in the near future or to pursue a career in the blockchain industry. These results signify the awareness that US students have over blockchain solutions, as businesses are slowly shifting towards them. Understanding the network would greatly benefit undergraduates as cryptocurrencies receive greater recognition across the globe, according to the David Yermack, the finance department chair at New York University Stern School of Business.

The trend in the educational institutions serves as a sign of growing power exerted by the blockchain technology. Now, it is possible to attend several courses and classes regarding cryptocurrencies. This fact would most likely streamline the innovation and development in the years to come. The study, although conducted in the US, can be applied all over the globe, as interest towards digital assets grows steadily.

Source: CoinDesk

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