5 Times Crypto Trolls Broke the Internet


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Crypto trolls bring light into our lives. With their incisive wit and razor-sharp eye for parody, they help give crypto the recognition it deserves in the face of mainstream opposition. Indeed, these everyday heroes truly are the knights in shining armor of the digital world.

Or maybe they’re just bored teenagers who like making memes. Who knows?

Anyway, here are five examples of crypto trolls pwning non-believers. Prepare yourself for plenty of laughs and the occasional F-bomb.

Buy Bitcoin!

Who knew a paper sign could break the internet?

In July 2017, a cheeky crypto troll known only as Bitcoin Sign Guy gained fame by holding up a handwritten sign reading “Buy Bitcoin!” while Federal Reserve Bank Chair Janet Yellen testified to Congress. It was an unplanned act that only lasted for a split second, but its legacy lives on today. Security guards quickly escorted Bitcoin Sign Guy from the room, which only served to strengthen the legend surrounding his actions.

Here at Coined Times, we asked ourselves why this seemingly small moment became such a big story. The answer, of course, is that Bitcoin Sign Guy was the first to do what he did. At a time when the mainstream public knew next to nothing about crypto, he brought attention to it in the most mainstream of places: US Congress.

Bitcoin Sign Guy profited handsomely from his moment of genius. He later posted a picture of himself displaying his wallet address and received nearly 7 BTC from donors. In keeping with the theme, he wrote his address in permanent marker on lined yellow paper.

Did Craig Wright these mysterious tweets?

How could we talk about crypto trolls without mentioning Faketoshi himself?

Dr. Craig S Wright stirs the pot for a living. Whether you love him or hate him, you’ve got to admit that he knows how to troll with the best of them.

Our favorite (potential) Faketoshi moment actually happened recently, in November 2018. As BCH hard-forked into its ABC and BSV forks, Wright’s BSV branch was looking shaky. Then, on November 16, a few mysterious tweets littered with disastrous punctuation emerged from the @satoshi Twitter handle.

Nobody can prove Wright wrote these tweets. But given his previous stunts and the fact that BSV was losing the hard-fork war, we wouldn’t put it past Faketoshi to have grabbed hold of Satoshi’s Twitter handle and tried to subtly generate some good publicity for his project.

After three tweets, users started to suspect Wright was behind these bizarre messages. They started to call him out and … hey, presto, no more tweets!

Nouriel’s a troll

If you’re a true crypto believer, you probably own a poster of Nouriel Roubini with the eyes scratched out. The famous crypto critic has repeatedly said Bitcoin is a scam and cryptocurrencies are practically worthless.

Of course, crypto trolls have had a field day making fun of the renowned economist. There are thousands of instances of trolls destroying Roubini for his views. But we’re yet to find a better Roubini burn than this hilarious South Park parody by Brekkie von Bitcoin. If you remember the classic “Kyle’s Mum” song from season one, you’re gonna love this …

For some inexplicable reason, this video only has a few hundred views on YouTube. But trust us, like most of Brekkie von Bitcoin’s videos, it’s well worth watching. Seriously, follow this guy on YouTube (and don’t forget to check out his on-point Blockchain and Morty series).

Crypto trolls buffet Warren

Throughout his remarkable life, Warren Buffet has made billions of dollars and donated an insane amount to charity. But that hasn’t been enough to save him from the merciless heckling of crypto trolls.

In 2018, Buffet said buying Bitcoin is a form of speculation as opposed to an investment. He also described Bitcoin as “rat poison squared” in a discussion with CNBC and said, “cryptocurrency will come to a bad ending.” Ever since these provocative statements, crypto trolls have dined out on Buffet.

Perhaps our favorite example of Buffet-bashing are these billboards, which stand proudly out the front of Buffet’s office in Omaha. Marco Krohn from Genesis Mining paid for the billboards, which question the credibility of Buffet’s Bitcoin slam given that he had previously advised people not to invest in Google or Amazon.

McAfee demonizes Dimon

All hail the king of the crypto trolls, John McAfee!

If there’s one man in the cryptoverse who knows how to make headlines, it’s this security expert turned crypto entrepreneur. In 2017, McAfee famously predicted that Bitcoin would be worth $1 million by the year 2020. He has also said Bitcoin will become the new gold standard and has declared he will run for the US presidency in 2020 purely to promote crypto.

But perhaps our favorite McAfee moment is his savage take-down of Bitcoin skeptic Jamie Dimon. McAfee starts his two-minute burn by telling the JPMorgan Chase CEO that “You don’t have to hang yourself.” He also very cleverly mispronounces the banker’s surname as “demon,” just in case we weren’t clear on his feelings. McAfee then goes on to describe — in vivid detail — how Dimon will soon end up begging on the street if he doesn’t change his views on crypto. It’s brutality at its best.

We’re not sure when clever trolling turns into just being mean. Nevertheless, we can’t help but enjoy watching Johnny M rip Dimon to shreds.

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