5 New Year’s Resolutions Every Crypto Investor Should Make


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Thank god 2018 is over. If you’re a crypto investor or trader, this has been the year from hell. With BTC’s sustained price fall, the BCH fork war, and a host of other controversies, the market barely (or should we say bear-ly) made it through. But we survived, and here we are; still afloat, still hopeful for the future.

The superstitious among us will hope that the new year brings with it a new start. After all, there’s no better time to make a few promises to ourselves. Here are five ways we can all help make 2019 a bright year for crypto.

I will not panic when things look bad

You’ve made it through one of the toughest year in crypto to date. For that, you should give yourself a pat on the back! Now it’s time to keep that Zen spirit going and ride out what could be a bumpy start to 2019.

The most important thing as a crypto investor is to remain calm. If you believe in crypto, and if you feel like you’ve invested in projects that have a promising future ahead of them, there’s no reason to panic when the market takes a dive. Take the long-term approach; remember that you’re still an early adopter in an amazing new technology.

I will share my crypto knowledge with at least five friends

There’s no bigger buzzword in crypto than “mass adoption.” Until we reach that point, we can’t expect crypto to deliver on all its world-changing promises.

Of course, as a crypto investor, you can help drive adoption at a grass-roots level. If you have friends who have expressed interest in crypto but don’t know how to get started, consider it your duty to help them out.

Talk to them about crypto in the simplest way possible. Direct them to a website for crypto beginners that can answer some of their more specific questions. And coach them through the process of buying, sending, and receiving their first coins. Your face-to-face help is more effective than any explainer video could be.

I will find easier, more profitable coins to mine

In the past month or so, BTC’s mining difficulty has dropped significantly. However, we know that this is a short-term trend. Unless you own a farm full of ASIC miners, the long-term prognosis for mining BTC appears bleak.

That’s why more and more crypto adopters are looking for profitable altcoins that are much easier to mine. Many are even looking toward CPU mining to get started in crypto without having to invest thousands of dollars in hardware.

If you’re an independent crypto investor, CPU mining could be your best option in 2019 and beyond. You may as well find a viable coin, start using a CPU miner, and see how you go after a few months. Even if it’s not working out, you won’t have wasted any money on expensive equipment.

I will prioritize real use over short-term profit

If you made a lot of money as a crypto investor in the past few years, kudos to you. If you didn’t, you’ll probably have to adjust your expectations for the future.

In 2019 and beyond, investing in crypto will be about finding projects you believe in and being patient. That means doing a bit of research to choose legitimate coins that have real use cases. Some good examples are: an energy-trading platform, a decentralized marketplace, or even a coin that promises to bring financial services to the billions of unbanked people around the world. The important thing is to consider your options carefully and invest in something that will actually be used.

You might never find another coin that increases in value thousands of times over. But with a bit of research and some faith in crypto, you could be part of a project that changes the world.

I will not succumb to empty hype!

Have you heard? Hype is (almost) dead.

Gone are the days when the mere mention of a development update could send a coin’s price skyrocketing. The market has matured, and crypto investors want more than Bitconnect-style hype before they invest in a project.

As a canny crypto investor in 2019, you will use your X-ray vision to see through all the BS out there. You’ll understand that proven results are more important than flashy marketing videos. And you will never, ever invest your hard-earned money in a cheap scam.

From everyone at Coined Times, we wish you a safe and happy new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one, without any bear!

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