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crowd cheering with JP Coin in background

Crypto celebrity John McAfee has shared his two cents on JPMorgan Chase’s entry into the cryptocurrency world. In an exclusive interview with Coined Times, McAfee said the recently announced JPM Coin will only succeed if the public chooses to support it. John McAfee: “We give power to cryptocurrencies” McAfee told Coined Times that cryptocurrency’s power will remain with…

Fan grill representing miner, and dollar bills falling next to it

If you’re a crypto miner, you know key to success is timing. Those who started mining before the 2017 bull run were laughing all the way to the bank. With a couple of smart moves, they could recoup their investment in equipment, keep their miners, and put some coins aside. It’s a very different story for those who joined…

After a hellish 12 months, the crypto market saw its big one-off surge of 2019 on Friday. All of the top six coins increased significantly in price, with Litecoin (LTC) in particular thriving. As always when something like this happens, traders ask themselves one question: Why? Was Bakkt behind the boom? Is it any coincidence…

Bitcoin logo and torch, with lightning in the background

Over the past few weeks, #LNTrustChain has lit up Twitter. The movement began on January 19 when @hodlonaut tweeted that they would send 100,000 satoshis to a trusted recipient via the Lightning Network. That recipient would then add 10,000 satoshis and send the total to someone else, who would continue the chain. Some LN fun…..